Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum

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Core Courses 36 hours

Students must also take an additional 12 hours of POL courses, all of which must be numbered 300 or above. No more than six hours of POL courses numbered 300 or above may be taken prior to completing POL 280.

And choose one of the following:                         

Other appropriate POL courses can be selected with chair approval. No more than 6 hours of POL 349 may be applied toward major requirements.

Free Electives 44 hours

EKU General Education Requirements 40 hours
(See catalog for details.)

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 120 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the university undergraduate catalog.

Course Descriptions

POL 101 Introduction to American Government

(3) I, II. Principles, functions, and basic political institutions of the American system of government at the national level. Gen. Ed. E-5A, E-5B. Credit will not be awarded for both POL 101 and POL 101S.

POL 212 Introduction to Comparative Politics

(3) I, II. Purpose, concepts, and methods used in the cross-national study of politics and government with a focus on selected countries. Gen. Ed. E-5A or E-5B.

POL 220 Introduction to World Politics

(3) I, II. The study of the political interactions of countries and organizations relating to politics, economics, the environment, technology, culture and society on a global level. Gen. Ed. E-5B.

POL 250 Introduction to Political Philosophy

(3) I, II. Examination of Western political theory from the ancient Greeks to the contemporary era with a focus on selected philosophers. Gen. Ed. Elements 3B and 5B.

POL 280 Research and Writing in Political Science

(3) A. Prerequisite: majors, minors, or departmental approval. Practical application of techniques and methods used in collection, analysis, and written presentation of political data. No more than 6 hours of POL courses numbered 300 or above may be taken prior to completing POL 280.

POL 345 Minority Group Politics

(3) A. Cross-listed as AFA 345. Examination and comparison of various theories, strategies, forms of participation, leadership styles, and concepts (e.g., Black Power) of minority group politics. Credit will not be awarded for both POL 345 and AFA 345.

POL 347 Politics and Religion in the U.S.

(3) A. Interaction of government, politics, and religion in the U.S.: role of Supreme Court and Constitution in defining church-state separation and religious freedom; religious organizations as pressure groups; religion in electoral politics and foreign policy-making; religion and public schools.

POL 370 Introduction to Public Administration

(3) A. Survey of organization, authority, decision-making, intra-organization communications, and application of principles of the American bureaucracy by case studies.

POL 373 Politics of Development in Appalachia

(3) A. Cross-listed as APP 373. This course examines community and economic development in the Appalachian region with special emphasis on Kentucky. Focus will be on the political, economic and social aspects affecting development. Credit will not be awarded for both POL 373 and APP 373.

POL 374 Introduction to Public Policy

(3) A. Introduction to the role of federal, state, and local governments in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies. Examples of policy decisions which might be covered include energy, housing, environmental quality, and social services.

POL 376 Public Human Resources

(3) A. Policies, and practices for human resources management in public services. Civil Service systems and reforms, diversity and affirmative action, managing, compensating, and motivating employees.

POL 400W Capstone Course in Political Science

(3) I, II. Prerequisites: POL 101, POL 212, POL 220, and POL 250, and 280; ENG 102 or ENG 105(B) or HON 102. Culminating, integrative course for political science majors. Requires advanced analysis integrating subfields of the discipline. Students will complete a major paper assignment, writing in stages with instructor feedback and revisions.

POL 446 Politics of Sex

(3) A. Cross-listed as WGS 446. The effect of sex on social and political institutions, public policies, and court rulings. Issues may include pornography, sexual and gender discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive rights and gay rights. Credit will not be awarded for both POL 446 and WGS 446.

POL 464 Law and Politics of Civil Liberties

(3) A. An examination of historic and contemporary problems of civil liberties. Emphasis is given to cases in their legal and political context.